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01 Initial Consultation

02 Bespoke Proposal

03 Purchasing Plan

04 Presentation & Approval

05 Procurement

06 Delivery & Completion



Some clients prefer to manage their own project or purchasing and simply need guidance and advice. Alice can provide you with a full or half day private consultation or accompany you on a private shopping excursion.

For consultation enquires please contact 

Whether you’re looking for stunning pieces for a new kitchen or creating an oasis of a second home, we aim to make the experience of finding the perfect homeware enjoyable and stress free. While the below outlines our most common approach, we also offer customised solutions for unique projects.

01 Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation we discuss the client's personal tastes, budget and how they work or will work within the space to ensure we have a clear understanding of their vision and aspirations. Listening to and understanding our client is essential to the success of the project.

02 Bespoke Proposal

We create a bespoke proposal to fit the client's vision and budget, including visuals demonstrating key homeware items and overall style of the project. Once the client is happy with the proposal we move forward to the purchasing plan.

03 Purchasing Plan

A detailed purchasing plan and homeware look book are developed, we carefully select homeware pieces from our wide range of suppliers. We can provide samples at this stage to assist in identifying final details and ensuring choices work with the client's vision and design. Schemes are revised where necessary until the client is completely happy.

04 Presentation & Approval

A comprehensive purchasing plan and complete homeware look book are presented for the client's final review and approval.

05 Procurement

We purchase homeware items through our trusted suppliers which are safely stored until the client's space is ready to be set up.

06 Delivery & Completion

Our experienced team coordinate the delivery and fit-out, thoughtfully placing and setting up homeware. We provide a complete handover for all items including cleaning and maintenance advice and remain on hand to assist with any issues.

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